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We hope you choose to visit us at J Peters Grill & Bar. We assure you that we are fully committed to making your experience here one that you will remember. Here is a little information about J Peters and our Founder.

J Peters is the brainchild of Jonathan P. Angell, who with his loyal team of misfits and fanatics has once again created a quality dining experience for the people of South Carolina. Jon Angell has been responsible for numerous successful restaurant concepts over the past ten years in South Carolina. Jon Angell is always striving to evolve and improve. J Peters is the result of that dedication to improvement.

The menu at J Peters includes some of Jon’s tried and true recipes such as She-Crab Soup and Slow Roasted Prime Rib, but also includes some amazing new flavors as well. No matter what you order from the J Peters menu, you will be overwhelmed by the extraordinary flavors and by the abundance of the portions. The philosophy of J Peters is that you don’t have have to sacrifice quality to provide a good value.

  • GREAT food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Doyle Hardy
  • This is a great place to dine. They have good service and great food. -GW Sweet
  • blackened tuna sandwich w / loaded mashpotatoes...yum! -Windy Shaw Simpson
  • J Peters is the best!!! -Ruth Hershberger
  • J. Peters is great! Looking forward to the one opening in Fountain Inn. -Dianne Gault Bailey